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The Guided Missile has been disabled while Epic investigates an issue.

Fortnite: Battle Royale’s Guided Missile is causing problems again. The weapon, which was initially Vaulted back in April due to balance concerns and brought back several months later after being heavily modified, has once again been temporarily removed from Fortnite, this time due to a bug.

Developer Epic Games announced on Twitter that it was disabling the Guided Missile while it investigates an unspecified issue. The studio didn’t elaborate further on the reason for its removal, but according to Fortnite Leaks, it seems players have discovered a way to exploit the Missile while consuming Shadow Stones, allowing them to use weapons while being invisible.

Shadow Stones have likewise been the source of some headaches for Epic since they were introduced at the start of Season 6. These, too, have been removed from the game several times already. Consuming one allows a player to assume a shadow form, and they normally would not be able to use any weapons while in this state, although previous bugs have allowed just that. The stones were finally re-enabled last week alongside the game’s 6.01 update.

Epic hasn’t provided an estimate for how long the Guided Missile will be disabled. Typically, the developer is able to resolve these types of issues fairly quickly, but as the Shadow Stones have indicated, there’s no telling what other issues may arise.

While the Guided Missile may not be available in the game right now, a new type of vehicle will be soon. Fortnite’s in-game News feed has teased the arrival of a vehicle called the Quadcrasher, which will be able to drive through structures. The vehicle will presumably arrive as part of next week’s update. Meanwhile, this week’s 6.02 patch added the Quad Launcher, a new weapon that can fire four rockets in quick succession.

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