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Clans: A General Update

Tank Commanders!

Improving on clan functionalities has always been a constant process for us. Now, we’re ready to reveal another round of improvements, which will be available from 16 October 2018 onwards:

Creating clans has never been simpler

Players can now create clans without spending precious gold!

Previously, a player would need to spend 2,500  just to create a clan. Starting from 16 October 2018 however, it will only cost 1,000,000  to do so.

Clan-exclusive styles

All players who belong to a clan will receive a new style. The style is season-dependent (summer, winter, and desert) and can be applied to vehicles of any nation and tier.

Important: The styles will be deducted when you leave a clan, but don’t worry; it’ll come back once you join another clan.


Searching for clans

Searching for a clan in the game client will be made simpler. Instead of the Stronghold tab, the Clans tab will be displayed to players who do not belong to a clan. Within this tab, players can view a list of clans that can be joined without application approval.

This is not the final list of changes, so stay tuned for more news!

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